July 2, 2008

A bit of a RANT

Just need to vent...

Why can't people look after their things properly? We've just moved into a relatively new home - about 8 years old and it looks like we've inherited a web of issues. Mostly with the bathrooms.

The day we moved in, I went around all the bathrooms with bleach and Tilex and sprayed all the tile surfaces which was about 75% of the bathrooms. I had noticed a bit of black crud coming up around the seams and wanted to scrub them out. About a half hour later, I check on them and they're still there but lighter in some places. Repeat, repeat, repeat...

2 weeks later, they're still there so I get down to look a little closer and I notice that the caulk's a little loose so I pull it and a line of caulk pulls up to reveal another layer of caulk that's absolutely covered in mildew and it STINKS of mold. Quick, grab the bleach, start spraying...

At this point I'm truly grossed out and start digging so I can recaulk the seams. Only to find out that there are 2 more layers just like this one and at the very bottom is cracked grout that is just filthy. By now I'm cussing and carrying about people being pigs and how can some people look at this and live in filth because if SOMEONE in the history of the house had done the right thing the first time and dug out the cracked grout and caulked properly, I wouldn't have to go through this. And this is just one item on the "Gross things I've found" list

So now my simple 2 day "Recaulk all the showers and tubs" item has turned into a 2 week "Remove old grout in joints, repair chipped grout, caulk all surface joints, reseal grout"-fest, which will probably take 3 weeks as I can't do much when the kids are home.


On the bright side, I get to shopping for power tools because there's no way in all that's purple that I'm chipping out that old grout by hand. Lowes here I come!

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