July 15, 2008

Does it ever stop?

It always seems like we're on the hook to get something. As soon as I think "Ok, that's enough spending, nothing else until next month", we NEED to get something.

Take, for example, the last 6 weeks or so. I take the car in for an oil change and the scheduled maintenance check, a half day and over $1000.00 later I can take it home. That was after we declined about half of the stuff they wanted to do like rebalance the tires and fill them with Nitrogen. They called half way through to say that they THINK they found a problem with the transmission and it would be $3500.00 to replace it. The car's only worth about $6500.00. After we declined it, they couldn't find "the problem" again.

After that, I had to spend about 3 weeks with the bathrooms and while that wasn't really expensive, I did have to get materials and new tools and now that's over, there's the 3 pages of school supplies and school uniforms and in about 4 weeks, school fees start coming out.

That's another thing, we made the decision to send the kidlets to private school and that's NOT a trivial decision so my question is this: Why do I need to get them their own basic school supplies like pens, pencils, baby wipes yada yada yada? In my mind, all that money that we're paying for tuition should cover that. Why does a first grader need 4 dozen pencils and 6 boxes or crayons, coloured pencils and markers? Don't they teach these children about sharing and communal responsibility anymore? Why am I bothering to drum these basic behaviours into them when they're not being enforced socially?

I have to stop because I'm going to rant about rude and inconsiderate parents at their school next. Maybe another day...

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