July 24, 2008

More acrylic pages

So I got a couple more done. I really need to find some empty little spray bottles with the finger pumps. There's some paint that's begging to be spattered and sprayed over already dressed chipboard and tags and I'm tired of using a toothbrush and having no control on the spray. I need one for alcohol too, there's this resist thing I want to try - it's just an idea right now, I don't actually know how I'm going to do it but it's bugging me and it needs to come out. If it doesn't work, then I can honestly say that I tried and I can try something else.

Basically I want to spray a void on an alcohol inked background. So I'm thinking that if after the ink dries, I spray the alcohol on and blot carefully, I might be able to get what I'm after.

I found a tub of gesso in an old box too, AND... a couple of embossing folders found their way back to the light. Arrgh too many options, not enough space. I really need to get some better storage too. It's pretty bad when I scrap in one room and all my tools are in a cabinet in the hall.

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Vicky said...

Have you tried your local pharmacy for refillable perfume bottles? Love your acrylic album pages, have a great weekend :)