September 30, 2008

Scrap Pink Raffle winner!

My Not SO LSS hosted scrap pink last weekend to support cancer research and had this GIANT pink basket of goodies up for raffle and I won!! Let me tell you, that phone call made my day and I was so excited that I unwrapped the entire thing before I even thought about taking a picture of it. It was full of pink goodness so I'll be putting out some girly pages for the next little while. As soon as their web site is back up and running, I'll have to post a link to it.

yay for me!

September 29, 2008

Onto Round 3

Well, I've made it through to Round 3 on the Scrap4Life DT Contest. Last week's challenge was to do a seasonal/holiday layout using colour only, no seasonal embellishments so I did a winter one of the kidlets' first taste of snow.

I was pretty chuffed about it, there's some stiff competition over there. I've got to do some planning for the next one now - as in find a picture to scrap...

September 28, 2008

I've been tagged...

Been away from the terminal for a while and just saw that I've been tagged by Vicky :)

The rules:
1.- Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2.- Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. Some random, some weird.

3.- Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4.- Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 facts about me:

1. I wanted a Susan Powter haircut when I was young and dumb and fit - those too young to remember her, you'll have to Google her

2. I hate sleeves. I do my best to not have to wear anything with sleeves

3. I'll read or see anything with a vampire in it. Unfortunately much of it out there isn't worth viewing.

4. I dream in colour

5. Card making is a challenge for me. Don't know why.

6. I snapped my last pair of glasses in half, right across the bridge.

7. Coffee is my favourite food

At this point, I'm supposed to tag 7 more people but I have to find them first so I'll get back to that.

I did however scrap this weekend and I was quite productive. I got a few layouts and ATC's done for a swap and met a few really cool ladies in the process as it was not only Scrap Pink weekend but also the CC at Scrap4Life. I scrapped for a bit at my not so LSS in honour of the pink ribbon and bless her heart, one of the ladies there is currently going through treatment and even though she was having a really bad day of it, she came out.

A couple of my favourites:

September 23, 2008

Awarded :)

I had a pleasant surprise when I popped over to Vicky's blog. She had granted me the following award.

I have to admit I was pretty chuffed about it. LOL - at least I'm not out there talking to myself.

Having received it now, I must pass it on and here are the rules to the award:

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.

2. Link the person you received the award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you nominated.

I don't think I can find 7 other blogs but here goes:

Jen - who's had a pretty crappy summer but keeps looking forward
Kylie and Tracy - 2 of my bestest sheilas! I miss them, especially whenever I go to a crop and I missed the matching nose rings
Kris - I've never seen someone else surf and find as much useful (useless?) crap like Kris. Let's just call her the Cliff Clavin of the, well maybe MY, blogosphere. AND she knits!

We also got the go ahead that we can blog about the Scrap 4 Life DT competition. The first challenge was last week and it involved using circles for a fun background and ONLY stickers in the title. We all got sent through to Round 2 which is this week so that was pretty exciting.

Woohoo! Onto to the next...

And last but not least, today is my big boy's birthday, he is now old enough to play on all the old timers sports teams and requires extra attention when he goes for his physical. Happy Birthday my boy. I also found out something a little unsettling - I got a bottle of Barcardi Mojito today and couldn't wait to try it when we got home. It was a little too minty, I would have prefered a little more lime but I can add some lime juice to it but enjoyable. I was about halfway through my glass when my legs broke out in hives. Don't know why, didn't make sense as I have no allergies but I stopped just in case and I had to pop a couple anti-histamine. Not happy about that, I had just had enough to where I was really starting to enjoy it. Grrrr

September 18, 2008

Ooooh so cute

It was a mistake making these. I'm feeling particularly clucky right now and I sooo shouldn't be there.

I need to make another hat but this is what's done so far and they are just too cute to look at.

I also threw my hat (haha) into the Scrap4Life DT contest. Challenge one was posted this week and I can't share until the contest is over but the entries in the gallery are all fantastic. Nothing like a good competition to bring out the mojo. If you want to see them, visit the Scrap4Life gallery

September 13, 2008

New babies on the way

Well, I found out earlier this week that 2 of my cousins are having babies, both are going to be their second and I felt so betrayed. Not because of the babies but because no-one told me about it. Everybody assumed that I knew and one of them sends me a message saying that the new delivery date for the baby is now New Year's. New delivery of what baby? Who's having a baby? And I saw her about 3 months ago, just around the time she'd be finding out too and no-one told me. I had to talk to her husband to find all the details. Hmmph!

Anyways, that's why no blogging recently, I've been knitting. YAY!! I also had a flash a couple days ago about something that I think would make the CUTEST table placings so I'm working through that as well.

Will post piccies as soon as something is done.

September 8, 2008

I got something done...

Not what I was supposed to do - I really wanted to get in on the SBT50 CC Challenges but wasn't in the cards this time around I guess. I've been wanting to do that stitching one for a while, I found something like a long time ago somewhere, don't remember but I've been itching to do it ever since.

Oh, and I got me some Maya Mist and I love them. I'd like to see the colour palette expand a little more but it's a really nice product to work with. I used the blue and gold on the chipboard pieces in the second layout. Now, if only I felt like journalling...

September 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day to Aussie Dads

This was one thing I couldn't get used to, Father's Day in September. Basically Dh made out like bandit while we were there, having 2 Father's Days a year. The traditional one (for me) in June and the one where the kids brought home masterpieces made just for him in September and then to have his birthday a couple weeks later. Some people...

It's been a little hectic, I would have liked to scrap some more but with trying to get organized for the hurricane that may close school some time next week and DH going away again and it's getting on that time of the month, I'm knackered.

Hurricane Ike is not meant to directly affect us, he's passing around the tip of Florida and is supposed to be heading up into the Gulf of Mexico. However, based on his size, there's a really good chance that we will be getting quite a bit or rain and a fair amount of wind and they may decide close school while the worst is passing. I'm really not looking forward to that scenario...

September 4, 2008

What have we done today...

So, the kids come home from school and are playing outside before dinner. This involves riding bikes and drawing with sidewalk chalk. DH comes in giggling his head off.

"What's up?"

"Greg's drawn his brain, looks at Maegan and points to the ground and says 'That's my brain. It's bigger than yours and smarter'"

I had to see this...

Greg's still busy with his brain...

Maegan's trying to compete by drawing hers and making it bigger but as Greg pointed out, it's just a line

The following pieces were then pointed out to me as listed:
Dad, Greg and Dad
For some reason, Greg draws a screaming mouth - always. Hmmmm...
For visibility reasons, I had to adjust the contrast and levels so the art could be seen more clearly.

So after dinner and its usual dramas, they're both showered and changed, ready for bed, Greg comes to see me and his mouth is covered in something and he's looking very pleased with himself.

"What's that on your mouth?"

"I was eating my stamps"

"*sigh* What?"

"I was eating my stamps and LOOK!! I did this too" He painted his nails with the stamp pad *sigh* and I wonder why I'm so tired at the end of the day.

September 3, 2008

Look, look, look

I am LOVING my new stamps. Like Tim Holtz says "Do you see nothing or possibilities?"

So after a couple fits and starts, I've got 2 cards done, a bunch of ATCs started and I HAD to bring out the Shrinky Dink. I really dig the little tile from the Shrinky Dink. Caution though, I needed a heat resistant surface and the closest one, because I was too lazy to get the glass mat out, is my chair. It's finished wood, an old barstool actually but I didn't realise how hot it could get :(. I ...oops...have scorch marks on it from being a little too enthusiastic with the heat gun.

Other than that, the weekend was a bust. Again a very wet long weekend, poor kids were stuck inside and to top it off, I was not feeling well. All the humidity and pressure changes because of all the bad weather blowing through has made my sinuses very unhappy. Not full blown pain or I'd be bedridden with migraines but annoying.

DH had his dive trip called 2 days early because of all the bad weather blowing in the Bahamas, he texted me early yesterday to let me know and give me pick up times. He ended up being late getting off the boat because some unfortunate fool on the boat got caught in Customs with 2 joints. DH says that in the end there were 12 officers, 2 dogs, 4 agencies and a partridge in a pear tree before they let the boat go but detained the passenger in question. He was estimating getting off at about 12 - 12:30. We ended up scramming out of there at 2:00 and had to scream back to make the school pick up. Cops were all over the road too looking for speeders. We saw one guy get stopped, he passed the cop. DUH!!! In his defense, the cop WAS teasing though, going JUST below the speed limit so you'd have to speed up significantly to pass.

Well, off to finish my ATCs, will post when they're done.

Oh, and my girls on the DIY Network msg board is having a CC this weekend. It's their first and Clarinda that's organising it is doing such a good job. CC at SBT50 this weekend as well so it looks like it's going to be a productive one.