September 18, 2008

Ooooh so cute

It was a mistake making these. I'm feeling particularly clucky right now and I sooo shouldn't be there.

I need to make another hat but this is what's done so far and they are just too cute to look at.

I also threw my hat (haha) into the Scrap4Life DT contest. Challenge one was posted this week and I can't share until the contest is over but the entries in the gallery are all fantastic. Nothing like a good competition to bring out the mojo. If you want to see them, visit the Scrap4Life gallery


The DH said...

They are MUCH brighter in real life. A very bright yellow and you can't see the Hippo Buttons.

You should put a brighter image up.


Vicky said...

Oh, Maevan, these are soooo cute,& I`d love to see the hippo buttons... I hope you have better luck in the competition than I did, cheers from V

Vicky said...

Come over & say HI...