September 13, 2008

New babies on the way

Well, I found out earlier this week that 2 of my cousins are having babies, both are going to be their second and I felt so betrayed. Not because of the babies but because no-one told me about it. Everybody assumed that I knew and one of them sends me a message saying that the new delivery date for the baby is now New Year's. New delivery of what baby? Who's having a baby? And I saw her about 3 months ago, just around the time she'd be finding out too and no-one told me. I had to talk to her husband to find all the details. Hmmph!

Anyways, that's why no blogging recently, I've been knitting. YAY!! I also had a flash a couple days ago about something that I think would make the CUTEST table placings so I'm working through that as well.

Will post piccies as soon as something is done.

1 comment:

Vicky said...

Don`t worry Maevan, I`m always the last one to know too, LOL, maybe we spend too much time crafting...LOL