September 3, 2008

Look, look, look

I am LOVING my new stamps. Like Tim Holtz says "Do you see nothing or possibilities?"

So after a couple fits and starts, I've got 2 cards done, a bunch of ATCs started and I HAD to bring out the Shrinky Dink. I really dig the little tile from the Shrinky Dink. Caution though, I needed a heat resistant surface and the closest one, because I was too lazy to get the glass mat out, is my chair. It's finished wood, an old barstool actually but I didn't realise how hot it could get :(. I ...oops...have scorch marks on it from being a little too enthusiastic with the heat gun.

Other than that, the weekend was a bust. Again a very wet long weekend, poor kids were stuck inside and to top it off, I was not feeling well. All the humidity and pressure changes because of all the bad weather blowing through has made my sinuses very unhappy. Not full blown pain or I'd be bedridden with migraines but annoying.

DH had his dive trip called 2 days early because of all the bad weather blowing in the Bahamas, he texted me early yesterday to let me know and give me pick up times. He ended up being late getting off the boat because some unfortunate fool on the boat got caught in Customs with 2 joints. DH says that in the end there were 12 officers, 2 dogs, 4 agencies and a partridge in a pear tree before they let the boat go but detained the passenger in question. He was estimating getting off at about 12 - 12:30. We ended up scramming out of there at 2:00 and had to scream back to make the school pick up. Cops were all over the road too looking for speeders. We saw one guy get stopped, he passed the cop. DUH!!! In his defense, the cop WAS teasing though, going JUST below the speed limit so you'd have to speed up significantly to pass.

Well, off to finish my ATCs, will post when they're done.

Oh, and my girls on the DIY Network msg board is having a CC this weekend. It's their first and Clarinda that's organising it is doing such a good job. CC at SBT50 this weekend as well so it looks like it's going to be a productive one.

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Vicky said...

I`m liking those stamps even more now...beautiful cards, cheers from V.