July 29, 2008

Guess who I met?

Myself!!! Isn't that cool? I was checking out that new search engine Cuil and I put my name in and up pops this blog The Knitting Maevan and cold shivers just went down my back. *Twilight Zone Music*

Turns out her nickname is Maevan - her birth name is Heather and I'm reading her blog and other assorted sites that she's got and I'm loving the vibe from her, she's so spiritual. She's this really cool kid, ahem, young woman, that is technically young enough to be my kid. It's like she's my druidish alter ego, it's great. What's a little freaky is that there a quite a few coincidences between us. She's Canadian and we're both from towns about 2 hours apart - that actually freaked me out. The only 2 global occurances (that I know of) of the name "Maevan" and they're within 2 hours of each other. Anyway, she's very crafty and loves to knit - sound like someone else? We're both in a constant search for knowledge and although we practice different religions, we're both quite spiritual. I'm so jazzed right now.

I always wondered who had the www.maevan.com and now I know.

On a search for my art journal, I'll maybe have to make another one....

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Vicky said...

LOL Maevan, the world keeps getting smaller by the minute...cheers from Vicky