July 8, 2008

A light at the end of the tunnel

I've been chipping grout and scraping caulk for what seems like forever but I think I'm done with that part. All the joints are looking clean and thankfully there wasn't any mildew in the back of the joints and all the old stuff came out looking pretty clean. I just have to give everything a good wipe down with mineral spirits to remove any residue, spray EVERYTHING down with bleach for good measure, let it dry for a couple days and I can caulk it and be done. I'm thinking that after I caulk, I'll reseal the grout as well because I bet it hasn't been done since the house was built. I can then tackle the 3rd bathroom which has milder issues but I don't want to think about it because I'll sideline myself.

On more exciting note, I've been playing again and I really need some of that acrylic cleaner that removes the static.

Check this out - reversible layouts

It's a 12x12 acrylic sheet. The first image is the front or the right side if you're opening a book and the second image is the back of it.

The next set of pictures is of the two sides without backing and on my messy table

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