January 23, 2009

Glad that's over

The germs have left the building!!!

I'm still not on full appetite but that pain's stopped and my body isn't protesting to everything that enters my stomach.

One of my favourite cyber crops is on tonight too. Scrap4Life's January CC has started for the weekend and the challenges are so nice and I'm going to take the challenges with me to my not-so-LSS's Friday night get together with the girls. I'm realy liking scrapping at the store since it helps me stick to the scrap diet. I only get what I need for the layout and I'm not picking up stuff for the sake of it. Mind you in a couple months when all the new stuff from CHA hits the shelves, that might change.

Having said that, my pal Vicky has awarded me with a blog award and I have yet to collect it. I will be doing that soon, I promise and I'll be paying it forward, I need to have more than 5 min blog time every 3 days or so.

Big things to come....

1 comment:

Vicky said...

I`m glad you`re all feeling better :)