January 19, 2009

My kids are sick :(

Poor babies. DD started throwing up Friday night and it's progressing through her GI tract but it's still gross. She says that she's feeling better but I'm not seeing any improvement in her colour, she's still really pale and still has dark circles under her eyes. At least she's trying to drink, I just wish more would stay down. So far the only thing to stay down is rice and gatorade. Even tea and water is coming back up.

Then, 4 short hours ago, DS started to puke. Poor little guy is so freaked out by it. He never throws up so all the cramping and retching that goes along with it has him in tears and to add insult to injury, his birthday is tomorrow. I had cancelled everything anyway since his sister was ill but I was still planning on taking him out somewhere. Now, he can't even enjoy his own birthday.

I'm really hoping I don't get it. I've been walking everywhere with a spray bottle of bleach cleaner so keeping my fingers crossed.

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