January 7, 2009

Project 365 so far

I really did want to make a go of this but it's not even a week into the year and I've already missed a day, well 2 days actually but I sort of fudged one of them. As part of it, I started to journal every night too and so far, I've been keeping up with that. Just a page or so with the day's happenings so I can say I did something.

I've been painting too, which is a nice change. Feels good to smear colour again and squish stuff together.

I was slightly affronted when DH looked at them and asked if they were the right way up.


Vicky said...

Great paintings Meavan, great way to start off the new year in a creative mood :)

The DH said...

Mae only knows which way they go because she signed them in a corner. You can't tell me at least two of them wouldn't look good if put on their 'sides'