January 13, 2009

Project 365 is a bust

How hard is it to take 1 stinking photo a day?? Let me tell you, it's not that it's hard to remember, it's just sooooo easy to forget. When all I can think about is "Why am I the only one in the house with the capacity to clean floors", taking a photo of it is the last thing on I remember.

If I took a photo of the floor around the dining table everyday, I'd probably disgust myself. Maybe a photo journal of the way they eat would shame them into cleaning it...in about 15 years.

And what's up with this? Bedtime is 8. Maybe later on a weekend...MAYBE...sometimes we'll cut them a little slack. Anyway, last night, I wasn't gone 15 minutes and he's already been yelled at by DH for locking his door and turning the lights on.

It's about 9 - 9:30. I've yelled "Go to sleep!" about every 20 minutes to the boy and you would not believe the responses I was getting - and roughly in this order:

"I'm in the toilet"
"I AM! I'm in bed!"
"I'm putting toys away!" - WTF?
"Ok Mom!"
"I'm NOT playing, I"m not, I'm not"

Finally, there's no response and I get up to check in case he's not actually in the bed and this is what greets me in the dark.

None of that was on the floor when I put him to bed. As a matter of fact, I distinctly remember putting those 2 light sabres away when I turned the lights out because he had hidden them under the comforter at the foot of the bed and the duvet was in the closet.

I remember telling him that he had to clean up the mess in his room and I was then informed that

"It's NOT a mess, Mom. it's beautiful!"

I'm going to have to start camping outside his door when the lights go off. I really hope that this is just a phase because it's not as if he's not tired when he's put to bed, the little *insert appropriate noun here* just won't stay still.

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