October 5, 2008

True Blood and books

Ok, I've had a vampire fixation since I was about 3. One of my earliest memories is watching Dark Shadows with my grandparents, howling with the wolf. The last 30-humph years of my life has been littered with countless books and movies about Count Dracula and his ilk, Christopher Lee was my favourite bad guy. Needless to say, this my tastes have expanded to all sorts of other sci-fi and fantasy but the undead has always topped the list.

I'm very geeked about the True Blood series that's been airing on TV for the past few weeks, they've made a few character changes from the original books by the FABULOUS Charlaine Harris. As an aside, I've been a fan of her books for many many years and I love her books' character development and social commentary. Anyway, back to True Blood, I'm finding that I'm making time to sit and watch it and I never do that and I think part of the reason is all the eye candy that's parading across the screen. Whatever the reason, I'm there!

Now there's the Twilight movie coming out and I'm a little miffed that I don't have the rest of my books yet. I bought the first Twilight book when it first published about 4, maybe 5 years ago and I didn't get the rest because I thought the publishers were taking too long to release them, I made the decision that I'd get all of them once the last one came out. Having said that, I'm waiting for my box set and my fingers are drumming...

After all this, the only vampire books I can't read are the ones by Laurel Hamilton. For some reason I can't get into them and trust me, I've tried many times but Miss L.A Banks is my next target.

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Vicky said...

Dark Shadows used to be one of my favourite shows growing up, which was a bit of a worry to my parents LOL...& one of my faves ATM is Supernatural, which is a bit of a worry to DH LOL