October 12, 2008


Well, I didn't make the Scrap4Life DT team. The last challenge was a Christmas themed OTP item and I did a mantel setting. Yes, yes, we don't have mantels in Florida but I did one all the same. It started off with the clock and I decided it needed candles around it and that spawned the circular NOEL and the trees but thetrees were too big for the circle so they got their own spot. Ideally the clock would be between the 2 sets of candles, maybe 6" over the surface.

Here are some close ups -
Here's the clock. I completely lost focus on the fact that the clock frame is pink so it doesn't quite match the blue theme I was going for...

Here a shot of the candles on the table.

I was having a serious mojo deficiency with all the stuff that was happening during the week too and I wasn't sure if I was going to get it in on time but it happened. I'm a little bummed out but that's ok, it just means that there's something else for me coming round the corner. The girls that did make it are really really deserving as well so it's all good.

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