October 6, 2008

Round 4

Woo hoo!! I've made it to Round 4 in the Scrap 4 Life DT Contest and I am chuffed!! Last challenge was to use paper piecing in the layout and that's not something I do at all. Came up with this:

Here's the fairy on the left as I was trying to leave it alone to dry

This was one of the more painful challenges since I really needed to think of something that I'd use. Die cuts and paper piecing are NOT my go to items. I am really pleased with how it turned out though.

Off to have a think now on the next one...

1 comment:

Vicky said...

You did a great job with the paper piecing...I don`t think I`ve ever used that in a LO ever, & congratulations on getting through to round 4, I`m cheering for you Maevan, hugs from Vicky