August 27, 2008

I wish...

I wish I could say that I was productive today but I can't. Out of my 10 items on the mental "Things I really really really need to get done today", I've done one and a half. I wish I could say it was because the one task I did get done ate all my time but again, I can't. I wish I was motivated to do the rest, but alas again, I can't. Don't you love apathy? I completed the one task and gave up, figured that I'd done enough and...

I can't really remember how I filled the rest of my day. I think I ate and drew a mental blank for a couple hours and then realised I had to do the school pick up.

I then had to deal with 2 children that are experimenting in the fine art of negotiation. This usually involves with them asking for something, my saying "No" and them repeating the question with "I really really want to..."

I don't negotiate with terrorists.

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