August 10, 2008

A breather :)

DH is home!! The kids are rapt that Dad's home again, the fun one's back. Hah! What they don't get is that for the next 2 weeks, Dad's going to be sleeping all day so he can watch the Olympics live all night so he WON'T be any fun during the day.

Won't matter much soon anyway, school starts in 7 days - that's 189 hours from now and I'm still scrambling on finding ways to make those hours fly past. I love the fact that they're always wanting their art box and we're working on cleaning up after they're done using the art box but that'll just need some more re-inforcing me thinks.

OOOh and Club Heidi's back and I am LOVING the new Heidi Swapp website! I'm not into the current kit, clocks don't really do it for me but I'm looking forward to see what else is coming down the track. Patiently waiting for the new Tim Holtz products and my new Gel-a-tins stamps. Wendy's so cool...

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