August 18, 2008


Fay's killing me and she's not even a hurricane yet. First day of school has been delayed until possibly Wednesday depending on where and how she is. This is seriously cramping my style. I had all these lovely plans on how I was going to spend my alone time since DH is away too. Now I have to entertain 2 active, trapped children ALL DAY!! For 2 days!!

On the bright side, the weather's not actually that bad. So far, rain, quite a bit of rain, but that's about it. No wind, no floods that I've heard of yet so we're not doing that badly.

On another note, how cool am I that I figured out how to get 3 columns on my blog? I've been jonesing for that little feature and I had to dig into some script - can't call it code if it doesn't run through a compiler - but I think I got it down.

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