August 28, 2008


I broke my scrap diet :-) and I did it with 2 eyes open and money in hand and not guilty about it. After hearing numerous rumours about an LSS, I decided that I needed to investigate and there were further rumours that the alleged LSS was next door to a YARN store - LYS. They were reputedly in a fairly familiar part of town so I made a special trip and YAY! Found them both first time, no turning around or passing by too fast.

Only problem is that "L" isn't that "L", they're in a mall that's a good half hour away if traffic's moving but both rumours have been confirmed and they do exist. I have actually NOT gone into LYS yet but it's in the plan. LSS isn't bad, there was quite a bit in it, some of which I would actually buy ;-) and they have a weekly Friday night crop. I'm particularly impressed with my new stamps, I'm christening those tonight.


Vicky said...

Oh Maevan, I love the new stamps you got, make sure you share your creations...cheers from the land of Oz

Anonymous said...

have you ever heard the saying "Regret lasts longer than guilt." So i say buy what you want when you want.