May 25, 2010

Techniques book

Recently I've been doing up these technique books - actually more of a technique journal. I'll play and experiment with different mediums and tools to see how something looks and how it changes if I try something new. My problem was that something that works on paper didn't work the same way on a different surface like canvas or acrylic so I made up this book that has different mediums as pages to try it out.

The text block is made of 5 signatures. One signature was made with one pre gessoed canvas leaf and one vinyl leaf, each sandwiched between 2 sheets of drawing weight cardstock. The text block was then stitched into a hand bound cover.

This one has black gessoed canvas

Canvas and Vinyl page. Vinyl lets me see what acrylic would look like but without the rigidity.

Tip: Don't use yarn when using the Secret Belgian Binding. It stretches too much and you end up getting frustrated and throwing things.

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