December 21, 2008

I've come in from the cold

I'm Baaa-aacck!

I had to leave in a hurry, and no, no-one was after me, I just to had to catch up on some family time abroad due a sad but expected event.

On the other hand, I got home late last Thursday and realised that I had 2 weeks of baking and preparation to squeeze into 5 days otherwise it just wouldn't be Christmas.

Growing up in my family, it's all about the food. Food truly means love and the more food there is, the more love to be shared. My poor DH is having a hard time coping with that since the house now looks like a bakery exploded in it and the fridge doors are barely closing. To me, Christmas means black cake which is a fruit cake that's moist and marinated in rum and cherry brandy, pastels which is a type of meat pie that's steamed in a cornmeal batter and wrapped in banana leaves, cookies and ham. Without any of these, it's just not right. I had to make an attempt to remedy the situation so the oven's been on for 2 days and I've got most of it out my system. The ham is in the fridge and I'm making an apple pie for dessert.

This is what it looks like after I've given half the cakes and a third of the cookies away.

Black Cake....mmmmm....

Lamingtons for the DH....

Gingerbread for the kidlets to decorate

More sugar cookies for decorating

And...chocolate chips with Christmas M&Ms for the DS - by request

There are still a couple things that I haven't done that I usually do, but I'm time crunched this year. Maybe next week for New Years....

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Vicky said...

Well, look at you...I was wondering where you got to (& thank your DH for putting my mind at ease) You`ve got to be crowned the Queen of Baking by the looks of it, & it all looks delicious :) Merry Christmas & all the best for you & yours, "see" you in the new year :)