November 7, 2008

What happened?

Not much. A funny thing happened though, I finished reading the Twilight series - and let me say now, I've never been affected by a story like that since I read Jane Eyre when I was 9. Ever since I finished it, I've been in a funk. I think it ended too well, too perfect and for the intended teenage audience, that's probably the perfect ending but for my jaded and advanced years, I found that I was depressed. It took a long time to figure out exactly what was bothering me and I think I was experiencing, for the first time in my life, envy. Envy that I physically cannot achieve that state of contentment and happiness that ended the story, envy that I don't have all the time in the world to pursue all the things I want to achieve. All this hit me last night and it was like a wall came down and I can breathe again.

Well done Stephanie Meyers!! You got me good and to be honest, I loved it.

Turning my attention to MY life now, quite a few things can happen in 7 days. You can:
  • Start, er, restart, running again
  • Completely overestimate cake batter volumes and end up with 3 doz cupcakes and a 15" bundt cake from the same batch
  • Start and FINISH 3 novels - more on those later, I hate when I finish something in the middle of an incomplete series
  • NOT download a cardful of photos from your camera
  • NOT take pictures of all the Christmas tags you've finished
  • Vacuum and mop up crumbs from under the dining table 3 times a day and still not see a difference
  • Look helplessly at a mountain of crap on and around your desk and STILL decide to do nothing about it - reading is so much more interesting
  • Wonder why it is your children are the ones in school but you're still doing homework
  • Completely ruin a dinner that's supposedly fool proof
  • Make new friend that could turn out to be a very distant relation
Yes, in 7 days, this and more can happen and there's still no mention of sleep in that list and a looming family crisis.

Anyway, back to the reading thing...

I think this is just to piss me off, but all the authors/books that I've gotten interested in or want to read, are not currently available in the US until sometime next year. Karen Miller's final installment to the Godking trilogy isn't available in the US until next year. I still can't find Alan Campbell's 2nd novel here -ok, ok, he's British, but it was available in Sydney when we left so I assumed that I'd find it here eventually. Brent Week's final installment to the Shadows won't be available in paperback until December and that series has been out for ages - and yes he's American so it doesn't quite suit the rant but it's my rant so piss off. Most of these books are written years in advance, why can't they be published together so I get them all at once??? No wonder I keep rereading them, by the time the last one's out, it's been 2 years since I've read the first one and the OCD in my compels me to finish what I've started. I have to reacquaint myself with the whole story and that throws me off.

Anyway, on my waiting list is Karen Miller's Godking finale, Neil Gaiman's next novel - I forget the name, oh and as a completely different aside, Coraline is being made into a movie and I'm really excited about that, I'm trying to find my copy so DD can read it. Sadly what could be Terry Pratchet's last novel is also due out soon. Hopes and good wishes to him and his family. Beetle Bardly is here in a couple weeks. I've also discovered that Lynn Fflewing has released a new series so that's on the radar too.

Onto my new friend...funny how some people seem to be destined to meet. I took the kids to a halloween party of a couple of their school friends and I met this really cool lady there. She's:
  • Chinese
  • Married to an expat Aussie from Perth
  • Has 2 kids - 6 and 2
  • Lives about 3 streets down from me
  • In Chinese - that is, if it was written in Chinese characters - the SAME maiden name
  • Totally cool
It was so funny. Bits of our conversation was something like:

"My husband's Australian"
"My husband's Australian. Where's he from?"
"Oh my God! My husband's from Perth!"
"Which community do you live in?"
"No you don't!"

And so the night went on. It was like watching someone else have my life so we're keeping in touch so the boys can meet and the kids can play. That was one of the more profound moments of my week.

Finally, Madagascar 2 starts tonight so we're heading down to the drive-in tomorrow to check it out with a fried chicked picnic.

Ta daa!


momof8judy said...

You have been busy reading girl.
Hope you get some time to check in
with us at S4L we miss you!!!!!

Vicky said...

All that reading, I have to agree with you, the messy desk can wait!
& thanks for popping over & saying hello, I also can`t wait to see the Goth in my own DD, slowly, slowly, she`s coming around LOL & she loved the Goth girl stamps, so that`s a start...